Just Another Hole in the Wall Tattoo offers a comfortable atmosphere where all ideas have the potential to become beautiful tattoos. They provide a clean and safe tattoo environment and take pride in providing their clients with the best experience possible.

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In 2016, Jessie tattooed a Native American themed half sleeve on my left arm. The theme represents my heritage and means a lot to me so I was nervous about going to just anyone. I have admired Jessie’s work for a very long time and looked at her online portfolio at least 50 times. She has such raw talent that is hard to find. I was super impressed with the customer service and how I was put at ease when i was nervous about sitting for 7 hours!! Jessie and I talked the entire time; every session. I was shocked because here i was with a backpack full of things to keep me occupied and i didn’t use them once. Aside from her being awesome and extremely easy to talk to, her artwork is beyond this world. I have had so many compliments on my half sleeve and I even find myself at times staring at the enormous amount of detail and perfection. I would recommend Jessie to anyone looking for great work. The drive for me from Myrtle Beach will always be worth it!-Dani, Myrtle Beach
I waited till I was in my 50’s before I made the commitment to ink on the body. I’m so glad I waited. Jessie’s magnificent skills as an artist, her attention to detail, the fact that she actually listens to what your vision is, and the all around cool vibe she, (and her sister Jenn), have going on in their shop, makes for a beautiful experience. When others get a glimpse of my body art, they are always blown away. A true Rembrandt in the art of the tattoo.R. Wall, Myrtle Beach
My experience with “Just Another Hole in the Wall Tattoo” has been nothing short of amazing. After doing an extensive and thorough search for a skilled artist to redo an old tribal back piece, I made a confident decision to use Jessie. Upon arrival to my appointment, I was pleasantly greeted by Jen who assisted with the necessary paperwork. My initial observation was that this studio was extremely clean and her work area very sterile. Due to the size of my tattoo, my session lasted a little over 7 1/2 hours! Jessie made sitting for this duration surprisingly enjoyable. She is very professional, personable, and her music selection was on point. Her attention to detail surpassed my expectations with her lines being very straight and clean! She genuinely cares about her clients goals and well being during the entire process. A special thanks again to both Jessie and Jen for making this such a positive 5 star experience! Without a doubt I will gladly make the 4.5 hour drive for my next piece.Tom, Myrtle Beach,SC.
Jessie is an absolutely AMAZING artist and tattooer! I was first introduced to her work from a friend and haven’t looked back since. I have received over 20+ hours of work over 3 tattoos… and I’m not done yet! Although I had a few existing tattoos before starting with Jessie, now there is no one else I would trust with my skin. Being a true artist HER ENTIRE LIFE, she has an amazing eye for detail, contrast, vision, color, and imagination. Plus, having experience in various artistic mediums, she has a unique perspective that translates beautifully in her tattoos. I receive more compliments about her tattoos than I can count! Not only does she create beautiful art, she makes the entire experience as painless as possible. Her professionalism shines through from scheduling, to concept, to art check, to even checking the needles… she makes sure you are 100% happy & confident BEFORE you sit in the chair. And, I have to say, I never knew a 9-hour tattoo could be so therapeutic! The experience was so comforting and open that I hardly noticed any physical pain at all! We talked, we laughed, we had a great time! (Hard to imagine during a tattoo session, I know.) Her love of her craft, and of all people, is so evident once the work begins. She provides a safe place to be yourself, express yourself, and ENJOY this life- & body-changing experience. I can’t wait for my next masterpiece!Amber C.
Once you get tattooed by Jessie it is difficult to go to anyone else. Jessie is a true artist. She not only cares about her designs, she truly cares about her clients. She has a very gentle, and methodical tattooing style. I give her an idea, and she turns it into something even better than I could ever imagine. I have multiple tattoos done by her, and the ones I received elsewhere she revamped, making them better than before. Her tattoos last. I trust her with my skin. I feel honored to wear the art she has created for me. There is no artist out there that will take care of you the way Jessie does. She is not only an impeccable tattoo artist, she is also a phenomenal person.Sarah H.
In 2009 I stumbled into Hole in the Wall Tattoo shop in Conway after searching the Beach for a shop that I actually felt comfortable with. As soon as I walked into the door I felt nothing but good vibes. Needless to say, I have been a customer since that day. Jessie has done multiple pieces for me, and every time she does one I think to myself “How will she top the next tattoo?” and then she goes and does it. She has always taken my ideas and made it 100x better than I could’ve ever imagined. She is very light handed and her attention to detail is phenomenal. I’m forever getting compliments and questions regarding who did this? or where did you get your ink? I always send them to see her! I’m very proud to call Jessie my friend and I consider her and the rest of the Hole in the Wall crew Family!! I’d follow her to the moon for a tattoo if I had to, and if anyone that’s reading this is smart, they’d do the same!! Thanks again Jessie….I Hope this is kinda what you’re looking for. I had about a 2x this much and figured I’d better streamline it!! Love Ya…Vance L.
While researching artists I ran across Jessie’s portfolio. Jessie is an amazing artist. Her customers have the opportunity to give her an idea and let her run with it. Since meeting a few years ago I have spent nearly 100 hours in the chair with everything from a cover-up, to portraits of loved ones to a full back piece. I cannot say enough good things about my experiences with Jessie. If you are looking for a great artist who has the ability to do anything, you have found her. Michael J.
Where do I begin…My journey with Jess began before she had even started officially tattooing. She drew my first piece but wasn’t tattooing at the time. Since then Jess has done all of my work. She’s now been tattooing me for five or six years and is the only one I trust with any of my art. It has been fun watching her grow as an artist over the years….we recently completed a portrait of my father that we have been talking about since I’ve known her.. The portrait is everything and more! Jess is an amazing person that cares about the art that she creates and the people she works with…She has not only become my tattoo artist but an awesome friend, not only to me but my family as well Thank you Jess and I can’t wait untill the next one!!!!Jake F.

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